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Riverbank Unified School District                         

6715 Seventh Street                                       

Riverbank, California   95367



Date, Time, and Location of Public Hearing

June 6, 2017               5:30 PM

Riverbank Unified School District Office

6715 7th Street, Riverbank, CA 95367  


A.Local Control Accountability Plan

B. Riverbank Unified School District Proposed Budget 2017-2018

In accordance with the provisions of Education Code Sections 42103 and 42127, notice is hereby given that Riverbank Unified School District in Stanislaus County will make their 2017-2018 proposed budget available for public inspection during regular working hours, hold a public hearing on the budget, and adopt the budget at a public meeting.  Dates, times, and locations for public inspection on the proposed budget are listed below.

School District                                                

Dates and Location for Public Inspection          

Riverbank Unified School District                 

June 2, 5, and 6, 2017                                                             

Riverbank Unified School District Office

6715 7th Street, Riverbank, CA  95367

Posted by: Darlene Ribeiro, District Admin, Riverbank Unified School District Published:6/2/17
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