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School Readiness

Riverbank Unified School District
School Readiness Program
The mission of the Riverbank Unified School District School Readiness Program is to improve the ability of families, schools and the community to prepare children to enter school ready to succeed. 
The program, funded through matching grants from the state and county Children and Families Commission, prepares incoming kindergarten students and families through a six week “kinder-camp” transition program held prior to the start of school. Additional key components of the program include on-going parenting workshops, adult literacy and English acquisition classes, and support for families with children ages 0 to 5 through the Riverbank Casa del Rio Family Resource Center.
Through a partnership between the school district, Stanislaus Children and Families Commission and California State University, Stanislaus, a yearly and  longitudinal evaluation of the program’s success is being conducted. To date, evaluation data has shown the program to be extremely successful in diminishing the achievement gap between English Learners and children who begin school already speaking fluent English. 
The Riverbank School Readiness program is shared with parents during kindergarten registration.
Below: RUSD Kindergarten teacher, Amanda Gunter,  works with a group of kinder-camp students.