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Student Services


The Student Services department is dedicated to supporting the children in our community, assisting them in reaching their full potential by creating safe and respectful learning environments.

Student Services provides resources and assistance in the following areas:

· Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA),

· Health Services(School Nurses)

· Mental Health Services.

· Intra-District Transfers and Inter-District Transfers

· Anti-bullying student/staff development

· Caregiver Affidavits/Declaration of Residency

· Foster/Homeless Youth Services

· Student Conduct/Suspensions/Expulsions

· Uniform Complaint Procedures

· Board Policies related to Student Services

· Student Discipline Hearings

· Title IX Coordinator

· Office of Civil Rights Compliance

· Section 504

· Special Education



Barbara Brown 

Director of Student Services



Carlos Mendoza
Child Welfare and Attendance Liaison

(209) 869-2538, ext. 117


Teresa Camara

Administrative assistant


Teresa Manriquez

Administrative assistant