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  • In order to safeguard the district's network and to protect student information internet applications (commonly referred to as "Apps") may not be installed on district owned devices until they have been approved.  In addition, requests to unblock websites that are currently being blocked by the district's web filtering software must also go through the district's approval process.  The approval process is necessary, though not limited to, for the following reasons:

    • Apps and Extensions can have viruses or Malware embedded in them and it is critical that the IT Department vets them to ensure they aren't infected and potentially spread throughout the network.

    • When a user agrees to the terms of service when creating an account on a website or installing an App or Extension, they are entering into an agreement with that company as a representative of the district.  

    • To protect student privacy.  Terms of service and Privacy Policies must be reviewed so that student privacy isn't compromised.  To ensure COPPA compliance staff may not create student accounts on any website until that website has been approved.