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Education Services


Laura Granger

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services




Teresa Camara

Administrative Assistant

(209) 869-2538 ext. 151

The focus of the Riverbank Unified School District Department of Educational Services is to provide an effective instructional program that increases student achievement. Our goal is to achieve this through the delivery of a well developed and articulated curriculum that is most effective for our students.

While our concentration is on developing students’ skills in the English-language arts and mathematics core content areas, our desire is that these skills will prepare our students to be capable, contributing members of society. Our hope is that our students will maintain a desire to be life-long learners and that their skills will afford them many choices in the areas of post secondary education and careers which are aligned to their own interests.

The umbrella of Educational Services includes school readiness, curriculum and instruction for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, and special education. Our commitment is to support all levels of learning and we believe it is critical to support our teachers in all areas of classroom instruction that affect student achievement.

  • The Common Core Standards Initiative established a single set of educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts and mathematics for teaching that states adopted.  Educational standards describe what students should know and be capable of in each subject in each grade level.

    Learn About the Common Core in 3 Minutes

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    A World of Opportunities!

    RAME is Dual Language Immersion Education that is a research based language program with proven results where the outcome for both native English and Spanish speakers is to become proficient in speaking, reading & writing in both languages.

    RUSD provides an opportunity to acquire a third language beginning in the elementary years initiating the program model with the introduction of the Chinese Culture.



    GOALS of Multilingual Education

    Students participating in RUSD’s Riverbank Academy of Multilingual Education (R.A.M.E) will achieve academic competence, technological literacy and become multilingual and cross-culturally sensitive.

    They will:

    • Develop a healthy identity and creative and healthy minds

    • Enhance their cognitive flexibility

    • Develop superior reading and writing skills

    • Enhance meta-linguistic awareness

    • Develop higher-level thinking skills

    • Expand their capacity to think divergently

    • Appreciate and respect other cultures

    • Expand their opportunities to a career in the global economy


    State Seal of Biliteracy FAQs

    Knowing two or more languages is a marketable skill!


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    Phone: 209.869.2538

  • The mission of the Riverbank Unified School District School Readiness Program is to improve the ability of families, schools and the community to prepare children to enter school ready to succeed. 


    The program, funded through matching grants from the state and county Children and Families Commission, prepares incoming kindergarten students and families through a six week “kinder-camp” transition program held prior to the start of school. Additional key components of the program include on-going parenting workshops, adult literacy and English acquisition classes, and support for families with children ages 0 to 5 through the Riverbank Casa del Rio Family Resource Center.


    Through a partnership between the school district, Stanislaus Children and Families Commission and California State University, Stanislaus, a yearly and  longitudinal evaluation of the program’s success is being conducted. To date, evaluation data has shown the program to be extremely successful in diminishing the achievement gap between English Learners and children who begin school already speaking fluent English. 


    The Riverbank School Readiness program is shared with parents during kindergarten registration.