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Uniform Complaint Procedures

Riverbank Unified School District values the working partnership between staff, parents, and the community, and strives to ensure that concerns are addressed as quickly and effectively as possible. Conflict situations are bound to arise in the operation of the schools and facilities. It is recognized that any such conflict or complaints are best resolved at the level of the individual school site or department where the problem originated. Furthermore, it is normally desirable for conflicts or complaints to be resolved on an informal basis, through direct discussions among the interested parties or with the help of administrators, counselors, and/or community personnel. The District, therefore, strongly encourages open dialogue and collaboration to resolve concerns as they arise, at the lowest level through informal processes, at the school site or department where the concern initiated.

The RUSD Guide for Addressing Concerns. That specifies the process to follow when a parent has a concern.

We understand, however, that there are occasions when best efforts do not always resolve concerns, and some circumstances may require a more formal process. For a formal complaint, please review the Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP).